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There’s another reason for which she’s crying. I can’t tell you because she keeps denying… The fact that she cares or that she wants to care… She’s not going to say that she’s trying so hard, Because of haters who keep hating I think the most popular but least paid job is being a hater […]

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Hello everyone. I’m Jenn currently running this new blog I just created which seems to be pretty exciting  I can say. Honestly, I don’t know what got to me, and I don’t know why I created this blog. But it just clicked in my brain like.. hey, why don’t I create a blog since I love to write so much? So here i am, and at this very moment i’m actually pretty disappointed because although i’m trying really hard to think of something to write about it never seems to come. But i guess writing.. you just have to give it a while, you have to let it come to you!